Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.

-- Anne Wilson Schaef --

A Pressed Juice Co cleanse will put the sparkle back in your eyes, the glow in your skin, the gloss in your hair, the spring in your step and the strength in your immune system – and may even help you kick a bad habit or two.


Our cleanse packages, designed in consultation with a registered dietitian, will give you all the nutrition you need while giving your body a break without interrupting your daily life.


Choose from cleanses lasting from one, three or five days, and then select the type that’s right for you: our soft cleanses for rookies are easy but effective cleanses, our intermediate programmes have a bit more oomph and our hard-core cleanses to completely refresh your system.

Want to be know how to prepare for your cleanse and what to do afterwards?





Pressed Juice Co produces cold pressed juices from natural ingredients that do not contain any preservatives. Our juices may contain bacteria even though we do our utmost to balance the pH level of our juices to manage this. Our juices are produced in a kitchen where nuts are present. While we take steps to minimize the possibility of cross contamination, we can’t guarantee that any of our products are safe to a consumer with a nut allergy. Should you have any critical illness, please consult with your medical professional before ordering our products.


All Pressed Juice Co juices and nut milks are certified Halaal by  SANHA.

However all non-juice related products, i.e. soups are not Halaal certified.


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